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Nestor Javier Sabogal Toro

“Magia total con pacha mama y padre océano deseo de corazón visitar esa parte del planeta gracias por estar en mi gran y maravilloso país Colombia invito a todos mis contactos a conocer el paraíso en la tierra Gracias mil”

Mike MacCarron

“I cannot begin to put into words the experience that we had a Choiba. We had amazing adventures in the forest. Thrilling action on the high seas. Delicious food, and the property is incredible. The lodging and amenities completely surpassed my imagination for what could exist out in the jungle. Nataly and Claudia are incredible hosts.”

Edgar Hernandez

“Vale la pena descubrir una parte del universo que no está invadida aun por el sistema masivo de consumo en turismo....”

Alex Saldarriaga

“The Pacific ocean meets the jungle, and they're both full of wonders! This place is a vortex of energy that one owes oneself to experience. paradise must have been like this before we f**ked it up. Top natch hospitality! Loved it. It help me see the world in a different way when I came back.”

Roman Tchoudov

“ A place of an extreme natural beauty inhabited by very competent landlords, cordial neighbours and pristine nature. In addition, there is no malaria around - which makes Choibá Lodge a truly rare tropical paradise ”

Oma Villa

“Un Lugar Mágico, simple y maravilloso, para despertar los sentidos, en sincronía con la naturaleza. Tú con los elementos!!! El servicio maravilloso!!! Seres de Luz!!! ”

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