Choibá Medicina is a privileged space in the most biodiverse place on the planet, tropical rainforest, still untouched, protected and hidden between the Baudo mountain range and the Pacific Ocean, friendly, unique, primary, exuberant jungle with more species per square meter of the Earth.

Generous and welcoming forest that offers infinite possibilities by small paths that go into it taking us to pristine places with waterfalls, rivers and puddles that invite us to bathe, to release the burdens of everyday life, to feel the joy of being alive, to experience the Here and Now, To empty the mind. Ideal place for a vacation, a retreat of light and joy in communion with nature, space without time to disconnect from the outside world and connect with our center. Nature in all its splendor where Choibá Medicina is immersed, helps this connection that begins with Mother Earth and the other elements, water, fire and air.

Place that invites you to dream!

Where to learn to fly!

Visited every year from June to September by the large and beautiful cetacean family of light of Antarctica. It is here that every turn of the sun the whale sisters come from the south pole on a fabulous migratory journey to bring their calves into the world and mate.

And this is how in front of Choibá Medicina the sea is filled with joy and emotion, with jumps and jets of water to the sky, with tail blows that remind us that life must be a state of permanent celebration, a wonderful adventure. Comfortable accommodation leads to tranquility, a house situated on a cliff overlooking the sea, a charming beach in constant change to the rhythm of the tides, fresh water, salt water, breeze that takes away the plague and bad thoughts, beds with mosquito net that ensure a sweet restful sleep with the night concert of the forest in the background, hammocks and captivating spaces among the giants and wise green beings on the sea that invite us to read, write, create or simply contemplate. MEDITATE.

The rich and healthy diet is conducive to detoxify the body, the silence, the sound of the sea, the wind, birds, insects and other animals of the forest to decontaminate the mind and soul. Facilitating the encounter with oneself.

For those who like the action Choibá Medicina has native guides of the region (indigenous and Afro-descendants) to make fantastic walks and walks with different degrees of hardness and resistance, It also offers diving with tanks or snorkeling, baths in hot springs, surfing and fishing, and waves with which to play and wallow in the sand. Choibá Medicina is a world apart where to let emerge the wild being that we all carry inside (and that we have completely conditioned and forgotten), where to dare to Be without masks, complexes or covers, where to rest and charge energy, where to breathe Unconditional Love and celebrate the miracle of life in all its forms.